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    1st time replacing HVAC system. Help with quotes


    I live in a ~2200 sq ft (over three floors) town house in the DC area. I've received two quotes. One for a multi speed Carrier Comfort Series, the other for a variable speed Trane system. Both are 13 SEER two ton units. The Trane system was quoted to me for $$$$ more than the Carrier one.

    Quote 1:
    Carrier Comfort Series (Multispeed)
    Heat Pump: 25HBC324W003
    Air Handler: FB4CNF024700
    Thermostat: PRO6000

    Quote 2:
    Trane Variable Speed system
    Trane Heatpump Outdoor Model 4TWB3024C1000A
    Trane indoor Model TAM7A0A24H21SB
    Trane Heater pack BAYEVAC10BK1AA
    Trane Digital Stat TCONT602AF22MA

    Do both of these look like decent setups? Is it worthwhile to pay more for the variable speed system? Also, the second quote lists an additional component--a 'heater pack.' Is this something that should have been included in the first quote too?
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