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    should I replace 10 year old AC with 27 year old coil or repair it?

    Without asking for prices and definitely not wanting bids, which is against the rules of this forum, I would like to ask when is it worth repairing an AC or getting a new one?

    I have a 10 year old Lennox that died a day after the warranty expired. I tried to get it repaired and the cost varied. [disclaimer, I do not want any bids, just advise should I repair or replace?]

    Prices ranged from $ to $ to get a new 16 SEER with new one stage 100,000 BTU furnace, line set and 5 ton R-410A 16 SEER refrigerant outside box. This does not include new duct....which I have.

    my second option is to repair. My unit is a 10-11 year old lennox with an approx. 25-30 year old line set and older 25-30 year old coil with no secondary pan and it was installed 10-11 years ago with a lower valued TXV valve. There is a Freon leak and without Freon the electronic test that was done was useless.

    repair options:

    I had the Freon checked twice. The first time the tech said I had zero left. The second time, the guy who did the electronic test said the pressure was 50%....but that was 4 months later so I don't know if the pressure could be Freon...wouldn't the Freon bleed dry after 4 months? He couldn't locate the leak and said perhaps it is because there is little Freon left and it is in the line or gone. He then wanted $, including 6 pounds of Freon plus $ a pound after 6 pounds to locate the leak and repair and refill the Freon. If the problem was in the coils he thinks and it could be $ to $ plus if I need a coil replacement plus the $ plus the Freon after 6 pounds. My 5 ton unit holds 10 pounds so the price would be $ for the extra Freon. He said since I tried to run the unit without Freon and it being 10 years old, he would gladly fix it....but doesn't know if electrically the unit has a long life span because it did run for a few 20 seconds bouts without Freon and shut off. We are talking about $-$ MAYBE.

    A second guy told me it would be $ including R-22 Freon [Dupont Mo-99] and a new 13 SEER coil and valve, new secondary pan with safety, all new line set, and a exterior cover that will cover up all the lines. Parts and labor and will get it to work.

    A third guy said it would cost $ to locate and repair including R-22 for 10 pounds... except if it was the coils and the leak is in the middle and impossible to repair, it would need to be replaced... it would cost $ more for a 13 SEER coil and TXV value but he will give me a 30 day guarantee :-) and thinks he can find leak for $ in the line or will cut and repair the existing coils [they are 30 years old, I never replaced them, they are dusty, wet and old looking]...who knows what SEER it is.

    So advice? Is it worth it to replace or repair until better AC comes around? The new unit that was the cheapest uses an Alpine coil and valve and it is all copper. I thought Aluminum was better because it is seamless and no soldered joints to leak. I heard next year the minimum SEER that can be sold is 14.

    Feedback? Advice?

    Pricing isn't allowed
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