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    Hello hvac community

    Just signed up to share an experience I had with a local company here on long island. Temp art mechanical is based in west Hempstead ny and seem to be very professional. In January I contracted them to install a furnace for me and we established that my entire system was 25 to 27 years old, I would need a new condenser in the spring and I agreed the whole system needed to go. They came and replaced the furnace without too much trouble then in early April I called and set up an appointment to do the condenser. The price seemed a bit high but between the cost of he furnace and the condenser I figured I was getting a complete system replacement and decided to have them proceed. They get the condenser hooked up, piped in and then tell me that I might need a new evaporator coil. They told me it would cost another three thousand dollars. Long story short they tried to sell me a brand new high efficiency condenser for a very high price and hook it into my 25 year old evaporator coil, be careful these guys are expensive and careless. Horrible experience with Temp art mechanical

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    really was not going to say anything but I would hate for anyone else to deal with this type of company, best part was when I figured out they were ripping me off the rep at Temp Art said "well I know you think the price sounds high but the furnace we installed for you in January for $3,800 dollars usually retails for around $6,000." then he tells me that they will replace the $3,000 dollar evaporator coil for free. So first an evaporator coil and a small 2.5ton condenser is $7,000 and then its $4,000. Very bad experience with Temp Art Mechanical

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