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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!
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    is hating all foreigners racists and anti american anti democracy?

    who would hate mexican immigrants that helped rebuild new orleans and provide more constructive productive farm work etc, and take less pay and not take tax refunds yet pay into it, with their phony numbers?
    who would build a 9 billion dollar fence, rather than finding a better way to profit, from immigrants that dont pose a threat as a whole or a majority!

    is it called a hand out, to help a neighbor?
    is it better to cut costs, of importing exporting shipping and handeling costs and fuel costs , to communist countries, that are simply building nuclear devices and war materials to destroy, us?
    would it be better to penalize and criminalize US companies/Employers that do business with Communist countries, rather than worry about Mexican immigrants, employers?
    does that make any sense?
    If Mexico had jobs, then the American' mainstream racist that's been hiding it for so long wouldnt have to come out when the republican racist's, and simply watch the Mexican Economy support its own, and they'd simply want to stay their, and not have to live with those that dont want them here or have to live and work with them, and they could afford the produce and farm equipment and factory equipment and labor to stay competative,and in business which is passed onto the consumer?
    does that make any sense?
    or do we make excuses and reasons to cover up our hatred ignorance and fears hisotically and generations of hillbilliness?
    the first language here was the native american, so if people want to get undemocracy-undiversifiedly stupid we could go back to the first language spoken?

    is this what we are about as a nation?
    and under whos regime?
    chicken little' s?

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    put our national guard on our southern border w/o orders to retreat!

    who said anything about hating them? I'm demanding that they come to this country in an orderly manner as prescribed by our ICE. If they want to be a guest worker, there are guidelines and they can do it. If they want asylum, there are guidelines and they can do it. If they want to apply for citizenship, there are guidelines....etc..
    I'll tell you who will profit from it, Bank of America. Have you heard about their latest marketing of credit cards to undocumented?
    As for the jobs in Mexico, were there jobs here in 1609, or 1776?
    If their country is great enough to fly their flag on their windshield, maybe they could work within their own country and change it, rather than come here and demand that we coddle them with bilingual signs, social security after 18 months, etc.
    Have you heard how the Mexican corn market is being negatively affected by the high cost of corn, which regionally is due to our peeps buying corn up for ethanol research? That raises concerns about regional and global markets, but some think I'm too protectionist...what do you think about Mexican corn?
    why don't they grow their own?
    I'm learning Spanish (latin american var.) how 'bout you?
    BTW, I'm the child of a direct immigrant from another country.
    It's great to be alive and pumping oxygen!

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