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    Rheem/Ruud 2.5 Ton Complete system (Any Opinions)


    I want a basic AC/Heating system to consist of the following: (Replacing a 20 year old Trane unit) I know Trane is good but they are pricey so I am looking at other manufacturers such as Rheem/Ruud.

    2.5 Ton 13 Seer AC
    75K BTU 80% AFUE Single Stage Furnace
    Comparable Coil

    I have been looking at Rheem/Rudd and wanted some opinions on this basic system. I know the install is important as is size and ductwork but I am just trying to get any opinions on this equipment (Reliability and longevity) and price of course.


    2.5 Ton 13 Seer Rheem RANL030JAZ
    RGPN07EAMER - 75K BTU Furnace/ Single Speed / 80% AFUE
    Coils (Which is better to match the current AC/Furnace Setup or any alternatives)


    Thanks In Advance

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    For a basic system, that's a nice one. I'd get the 17" coil to match the 17" furnace.

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    Would you recommend going to a little bit high level model:
    Such as:

    RAPM - Condensor
    RGPT - Single Speed (Has the ECM X-13 motor)


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    RHEEM and Rudd are mrg buy same company they bot made act the same . I am a rheem deal I had no prople out of any I had install in past 4 yrs at all but make sure u have a install that know what he doing ok

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    it's fine equipment, and a quality choice. upgrading for efficiency makes sense up to a point. home insulation and infiltration is key.

    I can't stress enough the importance of PROPER air flow, and sizing for the home. proper filter placement and sizing is also very important.

    MINIMUM 200 square inches of filter space per ton of cooling. Recommended 350 sqin/ton or more.
    The TRUE highest cost system is the system not installed properly...

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    4035585 Active Systems RHEEM RAPM SERIES RHEEM MANUFACTURING COMPANY RAPM-030JEZ RCFL-A*3821 RGPT-07?BRQ? 30600 13.00 16.00 1 RCU-A-CB 231 Yes

    Pretty good numbers

    Add a good thermostat and box filter cabinet....

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