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    Quote Originally Posted by joegrind View Post
    the OP Originally asked a very simple question , Everybody is offering up opinions and charging procedures for equipment that he never asked for, All are valid and differ depending on the equipment On.
    Would you have been happier if we had just simply said "yes," and left it at that, with no explanation as to why?

    The OP's question wasn't particularly clear, as he asked if a psychrometer was required to accurately "calculate" superheat.
    It wasn't a question that has a simple yes or no answer.
    Technically the simplest accurate answer would have been "It depends."

    Just the fact that the question was asked, and the unclear way it was asked, indicate that the OP is seeking a greater understanding of the subject.
    To simply give a yes or no answer would have been a disservice to the OP.

    Don't slag me for simply trying to answer his question and not offer opinions above and beyond
    You got on us a little for not just giving a simple answer...
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