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    vari trac question

    Have an existing suite that has its own RTU system with a vari-trac change-over bypass system (5 zones). Tenant wants to expand into a small area (RTU is large enough to do so) and add another zone to that unfinished area. I was going to add another zone damper with reheat in the box (non fan powered although I could do a fan powered).

    Just a question, is it possible to have the Tracer panel energize the electric heat in the box if there are NOT enough strong calls for heat and that zone is needing some heat?.

    I know usually the reheat is to maintain a heated zone when the system is in the cooling, however in this case I have a little more glass in this added zone that will probably require additional heating when their are not enough other calls for heat. My other option is to add supplement electric baseboard heat but it would be easier based on the suite to use the box heat.

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    If you are going to install trane vav board in the VAV box or trane vav box it will do what you want

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