Of course, that did not happen.

Can we all not recognize the absurdity of it all? Muslims are running around killing people. They breed like rats, immigrate to other nations where they have rights. Freebies, food stamps and free housing. Then they start setting cars on fire and and blowing people up. That is what they do. It is a documented fact and not my opinion. Truth.

I know, most Muslims are peaceful. I am so sick of saying that I would like to rip off one of my rib cages and beat myself over the head with it. My best friend is of muslim origin, he may be a tad agnostic. He would not hurt a fly, I trust him with my life.

the Islamic community is breeding terrorists. Muslims, This is where terrorism comes from. There is an occasional nutter otherwise, but your daily terrorist is a muslin. We need to recognize the problem, reject these people, and stamp them out in any way possible. Boston, Fort Hood, 911, It is time to get rid of these murdering pr1cks. Muslims, go away.