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    Please help me!!

    I am a new home owner as of last year. I live in Seattle, where it is not too hot or cold, and I have a 60k btu natural gas Payne furnace made in 1992. So this morning, I smelled something burning, and quickly found that it was coming from my ducts. I went and saw that red led was solid so there were no fault codes, but that the blower motor was barely pushing any air through the ducts, but it was definitely spinning both when the fan was on and also when on auto while the heat was on. I assume that the blower motor is bad but because it is on at a very low speed, I am concerned that it could be something else like the control board or capacitor, but both look good to me and if the cap was bad then the motor wouldn't spin at all, right?

    So my dilemma is that I do not have a lot of money and even though I have never dealt with hvac stuff I am a quick learner

    So is it normal for a blower motor to go bad yet still spin very slowly, instead of just dying?

    And since the furnace is from 92, would I be better off getting a newer basic 60k btu furnace for $ bucks instead of spending several hundred on the blower motor?

    I hope that there is an expert here who can help me to essentially guarantee that I have solved the issue
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    Turn it off for the night.....

    Both look good to you but you don't have the proper testing tools
    that a pro would have to offer you and your family peace of mind
    when it comes to your furnace.

    Still want to fix it yourself, it could cause your house to burn down and cause you physical harm if not diagnosed or repaired properly.

    Still want to fix it? By the way this isn't a DIY website. We can't or won't give you the means to attempt to fix this when we can't see all the variables that may or may not be taking place inside your furnace Motor, Control board. internal wiring etc.etc.etc.

    My advice is this........Turn it off and get a pro in there to at least give you a proper diagnosis

    Be Safe Not Sorry

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. If you suspect burning damage and chance of fire, I highly recommend you call a professional.
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    Don't worry guys, power to the furnace is off, and I wouldn't think of even using it in its current condition.

    I guess I was hoping to hear from a professional that they have personally seen a blower motor die but still spins at a very low rpm. Because I can visually see the fan spin when I am testing it, but it is not spinning with enough power to push air through, and when the furnace was actually firing this morning at the start of all this, I think what I smelled was the fact that the blower could not push the air through and it sort of backed up. So can anybody tell me if they have ever seen a blower motor die yet it can still spin at a low speed? Or when they die on you "professionals" they no long can spin? And the run capacitor if bad would not allow the motor to spin at all I think. So it is either my control board or my motor I think. I am not against a professional helping to diagnose. I just know that there are a lot of people that call themselves professionals that are in the business of ripping people off.

    Thanks for your time.

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    To answer your question.

    Yes, I have seen a motor spin slowly. When all other variables checked good.

    Better get a pro in there and get some options.
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    sounds like its in process of failing/cooking windings.. it happens

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