Hi, Does anyone know of a DCV controller that has two imputs that can be integrated together. What I mean is I have a resteraunt/bar remodel job and sometimes when theres lot's of cooking the occupancy is not that great but when the resteraunt closes for food but stays open for drinking thats when there would be minimal kitchen ventilation but lot's of occupancy ventilation requirements. What I am looking for is a controller that can have a temperature input from the kitchen exausr hood and a c02 input from the dinning/drinking area. The controller would ramp up and down the kitchennexhaust fan and the makeupair fan that would bring fresh air into the occupied area and the air would transfer into the kitchen as make up air. I would exhausr 20% more air then makeup to keep the kitchen negative pressure relative to the dinning area and the kitchen would ofcoursr be in the same pressure zone as the dinning area so the syatem would be integrated with cross ventilation. Des any one know of a VFD controller for DCV that can do that. Or any suggestions or comments?