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    carbon monoxide control for ventilation systems


    I will be soon finishing my basement which is windowless. For ventilation I plan on installing four inch ducts to the exterior, one for intake and one for exhaust. I will be using inline duct fans.

    The problem is the house is semi attached and we are in close proximity to the neighbors and placement of the intake vent is complicated.

    The front of the house is close to the street and I am afraid on sucking in exhaust fumes. On the side of the house is a direct venting furnace. I plan on putting the intake on the rear of the house but my next door neighbor has a gardening service come once a week. They use 2 cycle leaf blowers and mowers which practically axfixiate us with the windows closed.

    I'm looking for a controller that I can mount a sensor to the intake duct and that will turn the fan off if the carbon monoxide level becomes too high in the intake (if the fan is running). I found products that are made to turn fans ON when carbon monoxide levels become too high, they are used in parking garages and tunnels and such, but I need the sensor to do the opposite, to turn the fan off when carbon monoxide levels become too high.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Energize a relay when the controller turns On, NC contacts turn off fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fxb80 View Post
    Energize a relay when the controller turns On, NC contacts turn off fans.
    I have an idea of what a relay does but im not sure what you mean about energize the relay. Also what is NC. ALSO what kind of relay should be used.

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    This does not sound like a project that can be guided very well via the internet, with severe consequences to life and/or property if done improperly. With that said this thread is closed due our rules of NO DYI and it is recommended that you contact someone local for further assistance.

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