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    Carrier 19XL Impeller - negitave clearance

    I am putting a 19XL back together and I am having trouble with the impeller clearance. I have the service bulletin about setting the clearance. I take all the measurements to select the impeller shim thickness and I am coming up with a negative number. (-0.101) The bearing is fully seated into the transmission. I have checked everything 10+ times and I cant find where I am losing the clearance. -0.101 is way off and should be visible but everything looks like its correct.

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    Did you go by the proceedure in the teardown book and did you do the math correctly? Use a precision straight edge? Also , what was the thickness of the original shim?

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    Yes we tried both the teardown book and the service bullitans procedure. I did the math, I also had one of our top guys come and check it and he came up with the same numbers. We did use a precision strait edge. The original shim was 0.10

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    verifies adjustment thrustbearing

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    I found my error. Thanks guys

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    What was it? Enquiring minds want to know.

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    It was kind of stupid really. My depth micrometer had a foot on it to measure underneath. I knew it was affecting my measurement. I subtracted its thickness from my measurement when I should have added it. A clear head on Monday morning figured it out quickly and felt quite stupid.

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