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    4 zone inverter mini split sized for heating

    Kk looking for ideas for an HVAC install at a ~1700 sq ft split level in Quebec, currently heated exclusively on Baseboards. Electricity cost ~ 0.07 cents. Nat gas is not an option. Heating req, ~50,000 btu, cooling ~18,000.

    If i choose to install duct work and size the system for cooling then I get very little benefit for heat pump usage during winter as it will mostly work on resistance heating during winter. Ok, Agreed upon was that picking up a variable drive (nordyne, carrier) or a 2 compressor (trane) system would be the way to go, however the costs start reaching DYI geothermal category, hence no point.


    how about installing 4 zone variable drive mini split unit, 4x12btu, so it would be relatively enough for heating (may need a bit to supplement at extreme days) and work well for cooling due to inverted compressor? Also can save some money on zoning and heating/cooling only where necessary...

    Whats the opinion on these inverter multi-splits, talking about lower end stuff like klimaire, lg etc.. ; no Daikin VRV pls -(again Geothermal DYI category).......

    .. otherwise wouldn't 3 ton 2 stage be the best compromise and maybe supplement with a dehumidifier in basement in the summer? (put 4 ton air handler, and slow down cfm for better humidity removal during summer?)

    thanks again for all your input

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    Um you might wanna look at the Mitsubishi zuba probably the best way for you to go and with the duct work probably the most comfortable. Cheap out now and it'll cost you in the long run plus the right system will pay for itself in relatively short period of time.

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