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    Trane XR15 - Warm air not going to all parts of house

    I have a 2.5 ton Trane XR15 that's about a year old. When heat is needed, which is not very often in south Florida, I only get warm air blowing to one room. The handler is blowing warm air at the source, but the tech is saying because the unit produced is specific to a warm weather area it runs at a higher fan speed. So warmer air is not dispersed equally to ducts, it depends on the length of the duct. So some rooms heat up, and others do not. And the thermostat is in a room which does not get warm air, so it runs pretty much until the overload fuse blows.

    The cooling works fine. I've never heard of such a thing with the heating issue. The unit that was replaced did not have any issues with heating.

    Is there truth to what I'm being told, or am I getting my chain yanked?

    Thank you in advance

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    I put my vote in for "chain yanked".

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    Something is messed up. You may have several problems. He's full of crap. Heating and cooling airflows other than on specific high end equipment are going to be the same.

    My first guess, is that you unit is oversized for the ductwork and the home, and in cooling it either never runs long enough ot freeze the coil, opr there enough leaks in the return to keep enough laten load on it that it doesn;t have issues. IN heating mode, airflow is even more cirtical. the uni trips out because the low airflwo causes hihg pressure on the compressor. It shoul be tripping the high pressur switch. But I'm wondering if theis wonderful tech was kind enough to jumpered that for you so the unit runs until it either overloads the elctricla circuit or the compressor dies.

    You need a better HVAC company to come in there and find out what's the problem really is.

    Any chance you have zone controls?

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    Is it a heat pump system or straight a/c with heat pack only?

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    Is the air handler set with a plenum that a trunk runs off the back and front of it.The supplies that don't get heat are probably the ones toward the front of the air handler. Common with air handlers with strip heat.
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    You are getting your chain yanked. Call another company. Sounds like an airflow/ductwork problem. The tech just didn't want to look for the real problem.

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