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    Changing from Carrier Infinity Zoning to Trane XL20i-HELP understanding pos. issues

    Our Carrier Infinity Zoning system is at the point of been replaced.
    System is 10 years old and the compressor is totally out.
    We can replace, but we think we'll run into more issues later.
    We've been on this home for over a year and we would like to replace with a system that has higher SEER (efficiency) as our bills are pretty high.

    We considered the Amana, York and Trane brand systems over the Carrier, as we have received a lot better reviews and feedback.
    Ultimately, we are willing to invest on a Trane XL20i.

    Currently we have a Carrier Infinity Zoning system (2 thermostats).
    The question is are there any issues or concerns regarding the zone board?
    I had an AC technician asked me over the phone things related to my zone board and how this may affect if a Trane systems can be installed (compatible).
    He said that once he checks my system and if he can see that the zone board was a 'generic carrier zone system' that he would be able to install the Trane XL20i system with no issues, but that he had to leave the same Carrier thermostats.

    I mentioned that other AC technicians providing me a quote said that they didn't indicate that the zone board needed to be changed.
    Another AC tech who inspected my current system advised me that we didn't have to change anything on the zone board and they were going to replace my thermostats with new programmable Honeywell brand with the new XL20i for their quote.

    So I am concerned if my current zoning system will not be compatible with Trane XL20i.

    Please, someone help me understand these concepts better. I want to make sure I am as informed as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The XL20i would be best with Trane's ComfortlinkII zoning system, as it is a communicating system that will be able to utilize all of the available features of the system, but if you have a conventional zone control panel, it will work with the XL20i system set up for 24v control mode. You will loose some features of the system though.

    If you have Carriers lower end zone panel, it will work with the new system, but if it is an infinity communicating zone control, it won't be able to communicate with the XL20i.
    I don't know if there is an option to set up an infinity zone control as a conventional 24v control, but I doubt it.

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    CArrier's Infinity zoning is still probably the best zone system on the market in terms of being modulating and integrating equipment control such as airflows for dehumidification and heat pump supply air temps.

    I don;t understand hte issue with the reviews. Trane, Carrier and York are all comparable in terms of reliability. Carrier was plagued with problems with the Briston 2 stage compresssor AC/HP units which they no longer make. OTherwise, there are some growing pains with the new Greenspeed system... but that's technology that neither York or Trane even offer. IF you look at apples ot apples, I don't see any difference.

    Locally the primary Trane dealer is a terrible installer. So selecting Trane would give you a high probablilty of a unreliable system. York is carrier by more smaller mom and pop shop around here, so I expect thseo isntallations to be hit and miss too. See a pattern? The installation means everything over brand.

    That being said, the XL20i is a great unit. But you cannot reuse your zone panel and damper actuators. I think Trane now has a modulating zone system. That being said, I would still take a Greenspeed wit hInfinity control over a XL20i, installation being equal. I could have installed either in my home, but perferred the Infinity controls. So I am biased. I have 2 Infinity systems in my home and wouldn't trade them for anythign other than maybe a hydronic system with a modcon boiler and a ground source heat pump water to water unit .... if I was made of money.

    I'm confused, you have an Infinity system now, and the compressor died? Do they know why it failed? it should have lasted more than 10 year if installed right and properly maintained. No system will last more than 10 years without that. IF it's a Infinity 2 stage unit, you won't gain a lot in energy savings.

    Is this a heat pump? What exactly do you have now? If the system is oversized and you using setbacks (on aux heat a lot), a higher effceincy system won't save you anything. Heat pumps need ot be sized right operated at a constant temrpature and installed correctly to be efficient.

    But back to your question... you need to look at the penal and post on here the model number. If it's Infinity, it's not compatible. If it's a more basic panel, you can reuse it or change it to another brand.

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