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    goodman GSZ13

    Ok pros, here is a brain buster...

    reading posts on the forum I gather many of you pros don't like Goodman. After doing some research and looking at the top manufacturers I could not find 1 that sells a heat pump, at goodman GSZ13 comparable low end, with factory installed:
    - hi pressure switch
    - low pressure switch
    - crank case heater
    - installed dryer
    - (just missing demand defrost) hay goodman reading this..?

    ... and their Variable speed air handlers come with all aluminum evap coil.

    and this at reasonable prices lower then the rest and they do all use same copeland scroll (ok except trane at 2x the price)... and they do employ as much American work force to manufacture them as any other of the top 3... and warranty are at par if not better... this company the black sheep of the family that all the 'elders' fear their 'kids'(savvy consumers) finding out about..

    what am I missing here? (not looking for war.. just want to hear the nay-sayers reasoning behind the lack of thrust?)

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    Back in the day Goodman developed a bad reputation, You know what they say first impressions.
    It's not if your doing it right it's whether your doing the right thing that is important.

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    The main thing wrong with Goodman, Trane, Carrier or any brand is poor installation. As for manufacturing reliability its pretty much a coin toss among all brands. Some may have different quirks in their design but most of the parts come from China and Mexico.
    Now if you're talking about buying a Goodman online then you have NO WARRANTY at all no matter what the site says.
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    The mfg'ers of most condensing unit use the same sourced components; Goodman has improved their cabinets & therefore I have no major problems with present day Goodman condensing units.

    I like the fact that Goodman Mfg'ering makes their "Expanded Cooling Data," available to the public on the Internet. I hold no biases against present day Goodman A/Cs & Heat Pumps; the main thing is an 'optimal quality' properly sized install & proper duct system setup...

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    I like them. I just installed my first one ssz14 and I was overall impressed with how quiet it was.

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    To me the biggest problem with Goodman is the price. They live on low price, this is going to draw the lowball contractor. This is going to mean more bad installs. Bad installs make bad equipment.

    It's not bad out of the box, it's what's done with it after.

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    When you consider that Goodman is the single largest selling brand is the US, then they are simply the largest target for complaints. As mentioned, the install is far more important than the brand, and buying off the internet voids warranty on all brands of equipment. We've sold other brands and find Goodman comparable in quality, and at a slightly lower price. Notice I didn't say the lowest, just lower. There are other brands out there that are cheaper. Those who "preach" that Goodman is "cheap" simply lose a lot of sales to this company. Amana branded units have the best warranty "out of box" of any brand sold (Amana is their Deluxe brand, is owned by Goodman). Now that Daikin has bought them (Goodman), then they are now owned by the world's largest supplier of HVAC. I'm sure they'll have an "Inverter" system on the market before long, with the longest warranty at a competitive price. Wait and see!

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    hay guys, that is great information, exactly what i was looking for. I had no idea that Daikin had bought them. Inverter sure seems the way to go, especially when sizing for heating in northern areas.

    Thanks for playing

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