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    Tracer Summit Problem

    I Have A Pc Workstation Connected To A Summit & Cannot See Any Of The Information From The Various Controllers On The Comm Link-getting ??????????????? On The Graphics & Know The Bcu Is Offline. I Could Not Reset The Bcu Via Tools Menu-could Not Click On Bcu Reset/restore Option-reset & Cleared Ram On Bcu Board Itself.comes Back Online & Appears To Be Communicating Via Cr 16 & 17 Leds.also This Workstation Is Connected Via Ethernet & I Can Communicate To 4 Other Summits In The School District With No Problem.any Suggestions Would Be Appreciated

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    Try pulling out nic card and reseat it. I have seen this be the issue a couple of times with BCU's.

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    Did you try connecting to the site manually that site may not be set up to open on startup. If this works after your online and synced I would change it to open on startup

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