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Which bases are not covered?

Maybe you can copy and paste here what your teachers say about the bases? Maybe I can interpret them better?
You believe there is no God but you will not describe what God is. It’s like denying that earth has four moons but you can’t describe what a moon is. In order to deny the existence of something you must first describe what it is you are denying.

God is different things to different people. The term I use ‘man in the clouds’ is the easiest to critique and I assume is the definition you are denying. But the subtlest of definitions is whether we have a spiritual quality to our existence. That is, are we more than our minds and brains? Does consciousness exist in spite of the brain?

Evidence collected from near death experiences suggests we are more than our body and mind. They do not solve the problem conclusively but it raises the probability considerably. Spiritual contact, ESP, telepathy and the like also suggest there are sources of information that we can tap into that are outside our five senses.

So if any man that has walked this earth has received any information from outside his five senses you would have to deny it, right? God is not only a ‘Man in the Clouds’. To me It is our spiritual side that exists before and after our earth life. It is the Source in which we came from and where we will return. To me, more evidence exists that this is true than false.

I am learning to overlook the arrogance of religions that claim they know truths about this inconceivable subject.