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    Quote Originally Posted by jpsmith1cm View Post
    In many cases, the larger vacuum pumps are severely limited by the size of the hoses used to evacuate with.

    You aren't going to get a full 10 or 12 CFM flow through a 1/4" set of hoses and a normal service manifold.
    And, as has been said hundreds of times before. If you've got enough moisture in your system that freezing it is an issue, you've got a serious problem.

    The speed of the vacuum in that video is fast enough to freeze moisture, btw, without a 12cfm pump.

    Edit - Forgot the video wasn't in this thread's OP. It's over here:

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    I use the Yellow Jacket set up with 3/8 hoses and core removers. I do put Teflon tape on the threads. It works just fine. I pulled a 60 ton tandem compressor circuit down to 450 microns in about 6 hours with a less than new JB pump.

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    Funny I had this exact discussion with my boss not that long ago.. I've used 3/8 hoses , valve cores removed and a vacuum tree as my evacuation set up for years. He felt it was a waste of time to go through the procedure.. ........ Until I showed him the difference...

    The proof is in the pudding .

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