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    Goodman SSX140241A won't turn on

    I've got a 2 ton Goodman SSX140241A condenser outside. I noticed that the air wasn't blowing cold but the blower was working fine. I went outside and discovered an animal had chewed through the low voltage wires coming from the thermostat. I rewired them and the unit worked fine for a couple days. Now it's back to the same issue. The blower comes on when you call for air but the condenser unit will not come on at all. I've traced the whole low voltage wire and there is no visible evidence of an animal eating through the low voltage since I rewired it.


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    Call a service tech to take a look at it. Itcould be several things like bad contactor,capacitor, or a blown fuse. Better just to call a pro

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    Critters on the outside usually means critters on the inside also. Chipmunks and mice raise all kinds of h*** with wiring and electrical components. Call for service.
    A good HVAC tech knows how, an educated HVAC tech knows why!


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