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Thread: Klein tool

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    Klein tool

    What about the KLein dual voltage detector? If it works ,it seems like a handy thing.I have read a lot of revues but they were'nt hvac techs ,so maybe we would have a different point of view.

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    If that is the non contact detector those things are a must have. Never know when a condenser unit is hot. I personally use a Fluke one but imagine its personal preference.

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    The Klein dual ncv works well enough.

    Green light- no beeps= no voltage
    Red light- slow beeps= low voltage
    Red light- fast beeps= high voltage

    I have noticed that if I wave it around it will beep slowly. So I just make sure I get right next to the wire/circuit I want to check and hold for a second. Then double check. If I'm feeling unlucky I check with a meter!
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    i call those things giggle sticks, because i could hear it laughing after it lied to me about a 240v being dead and it wasn't and of course i was standing in a puddle on a metal roof at the time. ever since then i use a meter or an old screw driver that i don't care about.

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    I have had two of these Klein dual voltage detectors in the past month. They are absolutely garbage. I got zapped trusting these. I bought the dual voltage Craftsman one now and it has been working for me pretty well so far. We'll see though.

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