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    HVAC Compressor overload question

    I have a compressor with 52A RLA, 72A max amps and a 90A (1.75 x RLA) thermal mag circuit breaker protecting it. If the compressor draws 80A of current, will the compressor be damaged by being overloaded (since it is under 90A) or will it trip out on overload after a while?


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    52 RLA = rated or run load amp - what the motor should draw while turning it's design load
    72 FLA = you are calling MAX amp is the full load amperage - maximum amperage that the motor can draw before over heating

    if your compressor is pulling 80 amps then it is either overloaded or has a bad bearing or lack of lubrication of a failed capacitor (if single phase) the motor will open on thermal overload if it pulls this amperage for any period of time. While the thermal overload will proctect the motor to a certain extent, if the motor is left to cycle on and off, eventually either the thermal overload or the windings will fail.

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    If the excessive amperage is being consumed at the compressor itself there's mainly one thing it's being "used" for........ generating heat in the motor winding.
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    Your overload is a time / current overload, at 100% RLA no trip. Any thing over that is based on the class of the overload, be it 10, 20 or 30. That's the number of seconds it will hold with out tripping at 600% load. Anything between 599% and 101% of RLA is time weighted. The higher the current draw over RLA the faster the trip time. GEO
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