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    Confused Help with selecting mini-split ductless system in WA state


    I have been doing research on getting a ductless mini-split system and have educated myself on how they work and the benefits that it will bring me. I have a 1350 sq. ft. home in Washington state. I am hoping to get a system that will heat/cool the majority of my house year round. I am currently running off of electric wall heaters that have been extremely expensive for me. My utility company offers a $1200 incentive for those who convert to these systems.

    I have gotten a bid on a Single Zone 24,000 BTU Daikin system (Daikin FTXS24LVJU) for $ installed (this is after the utility company rebate)

    I was also bid $ (after rebate) installed price for a Lennox system which has a similar BTU rating (Lennox MS7).

    From my findings, these systems cost roughly $ or so, meaning the install is costing an additional $. Is this typical? Can I purchase one of these systems online and hire someone locally? Also, 24,000 BTU seems like it is not enough from what I have found (I read that the 1200-15000 sq. ft. range requires a 30,000 BTU model).

    I have an appointment tomorrow with a company which offers the Fujitsu systems, and after doing research I have come to the conclusion that the Fujitsu will be a better "bang for the buck." I have not received the quote from the company yet but I am hoping it's lower than $.

    Please help me determine what is best for my situation. Am I getting fooled by these companies that are charging $ for an install? There are other, cheaper systems - for instance the LG models that are much cheaper online. I've read that the install of these systems are pretty straight-forward.

    Should I go with a local company or buy one of these systems online and hire someone to install it?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Where at in Washington state?

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    Mitsubishi or daikin is where I would put my money and I would go with two heads. And buy from a company so you get warranty and remember a little more money now will save you more in the long run

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    Quote Originally Posted by turkey View Post
    Mitsubishi or daikin is where I would put my money and I would go with two heads. And buy from a company so you get warranty and remember a little more money now will save you more in the long run
    X2, service companies have a lot of overhead and have to make enough so they will still be in buisiness if/when it breaks down so they can handle the warranty claim (which is voided if you buy online).

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    Any negatives to the lennox system? I like that costco is backing it, they have always been great with warranties on their products which gives me peace of mind.

    However I have read that the Daikin and Fujitsu systems are better units. I know Mitsubishis are considered the best.

    My house is small enough that I don't see the need for 2 units. Why is that recommendation being given? its thousands extra for another unit. Also why won't this forum allow me to post price quotes? Aren't sites like these around for us to help each other out and compare research? I don't get why members are being silenced when they are trying to make a big decision worth thousands of dollars.

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    I recomended two one for the main area and one for the bedroom I can't see how an extra head(not system as in two on one compressor) would cost thousands maybe a thousand not multiple but I'm not in your area so I can't say that is positively the case. The second head is a comfort thing but I'm sure you could get away with one. As for the pricing well different areas could be quite different in price different insurance,labour,licenses and registration fees so for someone across the country or from another country completely to step on someone else's toes over price makes no sense.

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    I like the Fujitsu unit. One outdoor unit and multiple indoor wall units can be installed to it. The Lennox is made by someone else and a Lennox label on it. Pretty sure on that.
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    whos going to service it if you buy it online?, we are in se washington, we deal with all brands, daikin having the best warranty if you buy from a preferred dealer, like us, good luck and realize they arnt meant to be your only heat source for the whole home, typically youll still need supplemaental wall units for the bedrooms.
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    Hi guys,

    Just an update: I have decided on the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim 2 ton unit which was recommended by a diamond Mitsubishi dealer. I feel the most comfortable not only with their company but with the Mitsubishi.

    However, I have begun to think maybe it would be better to go with a Multi-zone unit as suggested above, rather than a single zone. The single zone would eliminate the need for MOST of my electric wall heaters, but also having another zone down my hallway would cover the final bedroom and bathroom at the end of my hallway, which would hopefully eliminate the need for electric altogether (at least for 90-95% of the year).

    I got a price quote for the single zone that I was happy with - I even got the Mitsubishi dealer to match my written Daikin quote. However, when I asked him about changing to a 2 ton Multi Zone and adding a ceiling unit, the quote was nearly DOUBLE of the single zone! I'm talking thousands more.... is this normal? Should I get another opinion from another company? I'm leaning toward just going with the single zone and supplementing with my wall heaters in the back rooms as needed.

    Any advice appreciated.


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