I have been doing research on getting a ductless mini-split system and have educated myself on how they work and the benefits that it will bring me. I have a 1350 sq. ft. home in Washington state. I am hoping to get a system that will heat/cool the majority of my house year round. I am currently running off of electric wall heaters that have been extremely expensive for me. My utility company offers a $1200 incentive for those who convert to these systems.

I have gotten a bid on a Single Zone 24,000 BTU Daikin system (Daikin FTXS24LVJU) for $ installed (this is after the utility company rebate)

I was also bid $ (after rebate) installed price for a Lennox system which has a similar BTU rating (Lennox MS7).

From my findings, these systems cost roughly $ or so, meaning the install is costing an additional $. Is this typical? Can I purchase one of these systems online and hire someone locally? Also, 24,000 BTU seems like it is not enough from what I have found (I read that the 1200-15000 sq. ft. range requires a 30,000 BTU model).

I have an appointment tomorrow with a company which offers the Fujitsu systems, and after doing research I have come to the conclusion that the Fujitsu will be a better "bang for the buck." I have not received the quote from the company yet but I am hoping it's lower than $.

Please help me determine what is best for my situation. Am I getting fooled by these companies that are charging $ for an install? There are other, cheaper systems - for instance the LG models that are much cheaper online. I've read that the install of these systems are pretty straight-forward.

Should I go with a local company or buy one of these systems online and hire someone to install it?

Thanks for any help.

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