Hi everybody,
Hopefully this will be a quick question. I've got a Trane SAHFC3040DG... and 2 others that are similar but the VAV equivalents (sorry don't have those model numbers handy), all three have GBAS modules tied to our Siemens Apogee panels. 1 of them seems to be working great and the Occupied Zone Cooling Setpoint makes it correctly from the panel to the unit, and it responds fine.

The other two however not so much, they seem to both be on auto-pilot maintaining around 60 degrees. Looking at the point definitions in the Siemens system all three are set slightly differently (different slope and intercept). If I were to guess the GBAS interface should act the same across these units and I could just mirror the slope/intercept from the working point. Is my thinking there correct?

We're working with a local HVAC firm to get other problems with these units fixed but they're unfamiliar with the Siemens controls side. Can anybody point me to what the slope/intercept should be set to or where I could find that info?