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    VisionPRO IAQ with TrueSteam control question

    Hello, first of all this is a great forum with a lot of good information. I did a search first, but couldn't find what I was looking for so here it goes:
    I just had (today!) a new HVAC system installed with Trane XV80 furnace (variable speed), Honeywell TrueSteam humidifier, and VisionPRO IAQ tstat. My problem is I'm not sure where to turn on / off, or better yet, control the TrueSteam humidifier using VisionPRO IAQ! I turn on heat, VisionPRO IAQ shows the internal humidity level, pressing "More" takes me to a "dehumidifier" screen with two controls: Auto/Off and a "dehumifier" level %. Shouldn't it say "humidify" instead of "dehumidify"? Is there some sort of "adjust humidity level" screen?This same screen also shows up when the AC is running, but that makes sense, you can "dehumidify" while the AC is running (assuming it is hooked up right).

    Well one problem for sure is the TrueSteam humidifier itself that has the service light blinking. I unplugged / plugged it back in, but the light keeps blinking. Not to mention it seems to be leaking water, there is water dripping.

    Anyway, any help appreciated!

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    shut off the water and call the installer back.

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    ill bet the installer missed a step in the installer set up .
    Stuff happens

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    Just to post an update on this -- indeed it turns out it was an installation issue. Now the humidifier works and VisionPRO IAQ has a new screen where I can set the humidity level.

    Now since this was a seemingly botched install, I'm wondering if they set the "dehumidify" function correctly? Based on my LIMITED understanding I think you can have a time based dehumidification (single-speed blower?) or with a variable speed furnace you can slow down the blower (does this sound right?). How do I know they have it set up right -- I have a Trane XV80 variable speed furnace. Thanks much!

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