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    Red face high limit

    hey guys, hope to get some information, during pm on many carrier units, when testing high limit ( HH18HA148A L160-40 ) unit well most did not kick out untill 195f, spoke to carrier service tech and he said thats about right, going off at that. i did find one which went well over 220f and still did not shut off which i replaced. but anyway is it me or should it kick out at 160-170 max, i cant believe evryone ii test is bad.
    also did notice discharge air limit is 180 max

    any info and feed back is much appriciated

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    I don't know who gave you that temperature figure, but the HH18HA148 (the 'A' at the end just stands for original equipment) is a temperature switch with auto reset that is set to open at 150 +/- 6 F and close at 110 +/- 9 F.
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    thanks for reply techtalker, i havent found one to open at stamped temp, i was seeing it at 40f over that temp. i would say its bad , but a new one done the same , just doesnt make sense to me that it goes so high, i would replace them all but how could so many be bad. i just wasnt sure if anyone else has seen this or if it does open at stamped temp -/+ 5-10f

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