Please look at the following pictures

1)_This is the controller I have ,I use INET 2000,Thanks to this site

I am now able to connect and dial in ,thank you for your help.

2)_This is the keypad we have,I am not quite sure what it is called
How do I add points to this keypad?

3) This thermostat IS oviously wired correctly,However it appears to be disabled We cannot control the heat in the room,by using this stat.

I do have an AI point called "room setpoint".

Any pointers on recognizing and configuring this T-Stat with INET 2000.
I am familiar with lines,modules and points.

4) When I disconnect from a controller it prompts me to save the database.
I can never find the saved database,to work off line.

When I select the file option it only gives me graphic pages to open.

Thank you