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    Looking for technical info on Trane Hyperion TAM7/8 Air Handlers...

    Our home here in Tampa still has the original Trane system and I'm starting to evaluate replacement systems.

    The existing system was fairly sophisticated for it's time (1997) and has served us well: It's two Trane 3-Ton XL14 straight-cool condensors staged into a single dual-circuited air handler, with hydronic heat and a Trane 5-zone zoning control.

    The existing air handler sits in the garage and that's a bad design: due to the Tampa humidity, 6-tons driving it (on high stage) and the volume of air blowing through it, it stays wet inside most of the summer. The cabinet also sweats a lot and the combination means the air handler is loaded with mold inside and out and is impossible to keep clean. For the next system, I intend to build a room inside the house for the air handler(s) and fortunately, I have some dead space between rooms where I could make that happen.

    I would really like to peruse technical information on the top of the line Trane Hyperion TAM7/8 air handlers. I'm interested in determining if Trane still makes a dual-circuit air handler and, if not how I could fit two in the dead space I mentioned.

    Can someone please tell me if Trane has a dual-circuit air handler in the Hyperion line? I don't want to push my luck, but if any of you are Trane dealers and could email the Hyperion AH Technical Specs to ken-at-jmtg-dot-com, I would be forever grateful.

    I suspect that the replacement system will need two seperate air handlers and so the contractor will need to split the ductwork. Two air handlers would probably be more efficient anyway and with half the load going through each, there probably wouldn't be so much condensate blowing around inside. That should minimize the mold issues.

    My wife works for a large, national HVAC engineering firm and I will probably get a couple of their engineers to calculate the load and make recomendations on splitting the ductwork. I would like to develop a general design and have the new "mechanical room" ready before I start soliciting HVAC contractors and getting bids.


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    No more dual circuit air handlers in AS/Trane's residential equipment line.

    I'd look at a 5 ton XL20i(or American Standard Platinum ZM), with a TAM8 air handler, Hydronic heating coil, and ComfortlinkII zone system.
    If the load in the house truly is 6 tons, I'd look at adding insulation, and/or other upgrades, to reduce the load.

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    You could look at Williams applied and first company for dual circuit commercial air handlers. Or just look at a commercial split.

    Otherwise, I agree, get that load reduced. Odds are with zoning, you likely don't need 6tons if your smart on setback.

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