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    With all things being equal...

    With all things being equal, would you choose a Trane 16 seer AC unit or a Carrier 16 seer unit.

    The situation is, the dealer I want to use carries both Trane and Carrier. I am buying two split systems, one 4 ton and one 3 ton. They have quoted me systems from Trane and Carrier with the same parameters (16 seer, one stage, same tonage....) The quote for the trane systems is $$ more than the Carrier systems total cost. ($$ vs $$). The Trane units are XR15's and the Carriers are Performance 16's.

    So, given that the installation will be done by the same company, and the specs are the same on the two brands, is there any reason I should not go with the cheaper Carrier bid? If it matters, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Sorry if this is a elementary question, but I've never purchased an AC unit before.

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    Either ones fine

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    As long as you're using the same contractor for either, the performance is equal, the warranties are equal, I'd choose the less expensive one.
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    Carrier's 16 SEER Performance series will be a much quieter unit. Probably won't even be able to hear it unless your 5'-10' away. Which air handlers are they quoting. Carrier I think only has contract torque multispeed ECM's below outside of their Infinity line.

    You in a humid climate, so whichever you choose, get a thermostat that can control humidity. You might also price Carrier's s stage 17 SEER unit as well. Might be worth $$$ extra for comfort with your long cooling season.

    Are these with air handlers or gas furnaces? Are you replacing that as well? You won;t get any better than abotu 14 SEER without a high efficiency bloewer motor on the air handler or furnace.

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