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    ivu and apple/mac

    Does anyone have a "good" way to allow a customer that uses apple computers for all their employees to gain acces to an ivu web server? Attempting to attach from safari(or lion, icab mobile) causes the ivu to display like its a mobile device, line by line without graphics. Thanks. J

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    Here in the near future there should be an update for the i-Vu that will let any browser be used not just internet exploder , rumor has it anyway

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    The WebCTRL version is already out in beta.

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    i-Vu 6.0 is likely to be out in August this year and it will support most browsers regardless of OS;
    Safari, Fire Fox, Chrome, at least that is what I have been told.
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    I'd say next year we will definately have an answer for a native solution.

    Until then you are looking at some of remote desktop solution. VNC, PCanywhere, RDP, go to my PC etc.
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