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    Bacnet points from AX or AX server into R2 server?

    I've brought bacnet points from an FX40 into an R2 jace but my question is about from AX server (n2 underneath) into an R2 server. Would this be BacnetIP and require that in the license? I am wondering if Bacnet points have changed over time. Will Bacnet points always be compatible or will it end up like Windows?

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    If im not mistaken I just talked about a possible job about pulling points from a R2 points into a AX Jace or web supervisor. I think you need what they call a OBIX jar file and license on the R2 machine. The AX should already be licensed and Jar file loaded. Obix is what you can pull all points on the R2 jace regardless of BACNET compatibility. Similar to the Niagara points from Jace to Jace

    hope that helps

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    Cool Use Obix

    As gowiththeflow mentions, we use the Obix driver to share some points between our R2 server and our G3/AX server. It's an almost seamless way to access points from the other machine.

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