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    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to my brother/sister "Fitters"

    My name is Andy, I am A journeyman refer. service fitter. I am and have been working in Southwest Wisconsin for all of my 20 years in this trade. I became A journeyman service fitter threw the Steamfitters UA Local 601 in the late 1990's. I really enjoy this trade. I do 90% commercial /Industrial Service and 10% Residential Service along with Installation of many different types of HVAC/R systems. I will always choose to do service work before installs, because of its challenges, change of locations and most of all because I am always learning new things and seeing different styles of HVAC /R systems.
    I have been spending more of my spare time on the Internet so I finally decided to Google HVAC and found this site so that is what brought me here. This looks like A decent Web site for the little bit that I have seen so far, but I just thought I would introduce myself before I post or ask anything.

    Thanks and Good to meet everyone, Andy

    PS - I have been really kicking around the idea of relocating to another state, I am single and my son and daughter are now grown. I have always wanted to see what else is out there and meet different people but having children so early and unexpected kept me here. I would never considered leaving my children /family while they were young but now that they are grown I am getting that bug to see what else is out there.

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    Hi Andy my name is Dan only 8years doing residential and light commercial comfort but more than ready to learn more. I'm trying to use this site as a way to learn between classes since I can't afford to continue formal education as quickly as I would like. Avoid MA if you want to keep what's yours I'm only here still due to loyalty and resposibility

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    West Virginia
    Hi Andy.
    What states are you interested in relocating to?

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