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    Temperature sensor suitable for commercial kitchen exhaust system

    We are considering to install temperature sensors in the exhaust ducts of a commercial cafeteria's Kitchen to monitor cooking activities through BAS. First of all, does the addition of the sensors (to be installed away from Kitchen hoods, shortly before roof exhaust fans) posts any threat to fire code violation? secondly, can you recommend any temperature sensors rated for such application (hot, smoky, greasy environment)? Typical temperature range? any suggestions or past experience sharing are highly appreciated.

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    I can't comment on the fire code, but you could use a strap on button style sensor like you'd use on a pipe ,on the outside of the exhaust duct. Of course i'd use some heat conductive compound between the duct and sensor, and insulate around it. This should give you a fairly accurate representation of the exhaust temperature, while being non intrusive, and not violating any codes. try something like this

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    look up Captive Aire. They have ETL and UL rated sensor probes rated for heat/grease ect.

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    silversurfer the strap on sensors seem to be good solution although I have never seen a strap on sensor being used on duct work instead of pipes. Superfittertech, I have searched Captive Aire product category and so far has not found the temperature sensor. I will probably give them a call. thank you both for information! Regards.

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    I have an acct that uses VFD on their exhaust fans. Ramps up/down based on temps.

    I haven't paid enough attention to tell you what the sensors are, dang it.
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    Melink also has these sensors installed in there hoods, give them a call they are very informative

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