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    Quote Originally Posted by geerair View Post
    We will make no further comment on the extreme pro-gun bias of your sources as the bias would be obivious to a dead blind man.

    In reading your links I found none of them denied that private sales occur. They quibbled about numbers from a 1997 study but still could not deny that private sales occur at these shows.

    Of course they somehow forgot to mention a 2000 study conducted by the ATF that identified unlicensed sellers at gun shows were one source of weapons for felons and juveniles.
    lets see your source

    do you want to talk about the Fast & Furious debacle
    Of course I talk to myself

    sometimes I need expert advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac00 View Post
    lets see your source
    Certainly......Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms- "Following The Gun: Enforcing Federal Laws Against Firearms Traffickers" June 2000

    do you want to talk about the Fast & Furious debacle
    Sure, I would enjoy that.

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