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You make it seem like im unmotivated. You dont know me, how i learn, let alone how i work.... And i can say your typical of your generation, making assumptions.
Here's the best thing that you can do, in my opinion. Use this thread where you feel like you have been unjustly characterized, use this as motivation. Early in my career at where I work, there were 3 guys well known for taking care of the larger machines. Effectively those guys were the "go to guys". When I interviewed for a promotion, my boss asked me where I saw myself in 5 years, to which I responded that I was going to be up there with the big 3. The boss responded to that with laughing and saying "you have a long way to go, I don't think you can do it." I used that as the cornerstone of my motivation, and not 4 years later I have climbed into a share of the top spot. If you have what it takes, it can be done. The ball is in your court.