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    Hmm What causes a high pressure transducer to go bad?

    What causes a high pressure transducer to go bad? The transducer is on a York air handle that uses copeland scroll compressors and r22 refridgerant. I was told the transducer was bad when one of the compressors was being replaced. Would careless brazing cause the transducer internals to melt? Can the transducer be removed before brazing. Any technical help would be appreciated so we can learn and move on.

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    Is it a transducer or just a pressure switch? Pressure switches have a finite life, usually measured in cycles. Like, it may have lab tested to be good for 30K cycles, or something like that. If a HPS is bad, it is possible that it was being cycled over and over (meaning something was wrong) and wore it out. I have no proof, but I have always expected that high pressure switches aren't quite as robust as low pressure switches and fan cycles since they, theoretically, shouldn't get cycled much (or ever).

    And yes, high heat can damage transducers and pressure switches.

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