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Thread: Carrier VVT

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    Carrier VVT

    I service a Medical Bld. that has a VVT system 30 ton Compressor for cooling and a boiler for heating. My question is the unit shut down on a SE 11 ERROR on the Monitor stat I checked the book and its said its a temp. high limit which mean after 10 mins if the supply duct temp. does not drop below 55 F the unit will shutdown. I Ohmed out the supply duct sensor and got a reading of 19 Mega ohms which I though was real high. I checked on the Monitor stat for that sensor Catagory 5 option 5 it showed FAILED does this mean that the sensor is bad or does it need to be recalibrated

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    I would try to recalibrate sensor at first. On general, these sensors require recalibration every couple of years.

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    The SE11 alarm is a Temperature Limit Alarm. If option 4.4 is ON, you will get this alarm if temperature exceeds the settings in 4.5/4.6/4.7/4.8. I would check these settings & see why you exceeded them.

    Heating Mode — An alarm is issued when any supply air
    sensor in the system is above the first or second stage
    heating temperature limit (depending on which stages are
    Cooling Mode — An alarm is issued when any supply air
    sensor in the system is below the first or second stage
    cooling temperature limit (depending on which stages are

    Heat/Cool Mode Alarms are cleared from the system in two ways:
    • Cycle power to the thermostat OFF, then ON.
    • Reset the Unit Thermostat. Initiate a reset by switching
    the Unit Reset to the ON (Category 7, Option 11).

    The 10 minute timeframe on temperatures is not the same thing. This is the Cool/Heat Error Setpoints in Options 7.9/7.10. If these settings are not reached within 10 min, you will get an alarm of SE07 or SE08. The defaults for these are 0°F and 140°F, in all my years I have never seen anyone change these. I never do to prevent unnecessary alarms.

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