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    Hello from Ahens Ga

    Hi guys and gals, I've come across the site a few times in past searches and I figured I'd go ahead and sign up.
    I've been in the industry for just over a year now working for Jordan Air out of watkinsville ga and I've come to realize that I love it. Currently in the process of studying for the Nate heat pump test and plan on starting classes at Athens tech in the fall.

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    welcome aboard

    you have now seen the effects of not checking the spelling in the TITLE before you hit the magic button.

    or is Ahens a real place?
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Nope definitely meant Athens Ga and I can't edit it from my phone either. Been a long day at the hospital with my son at the moment, sorry

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    Welcome, get your post count up and apply for pro membership. There's a wealth of knowledge on here and can help you be a much better tech. Hope all is well with your son.

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    Second degree burns on arm and chest. Nothing serious at this point just painful and hard to explain to a 13 month old. Thanks for your concern

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