Hello all. I am new to this site and also new to the HVAC world. In my second semester at school now and have only taken Intro to refrigeration, comfort cooling, intro to electricity and heat pump. I had sent an email out appyling for a job and the owner ended up calling me. He asked me some questions about my resume and other things and then asked me what I honestly wanted to do in this field. I told him I was very interested in Refrigeration more than anything else. The owner told me that although he really wanted to hire me after talking with me and having spoke to my previous employers, he did not want me to possibly become an asset to him or in residential in general, and then down the road want to move into refrigeration and have to basically "start over" is what he said. Should I take the job since it's becoming summer and get the hands on experience and then decide after working for him if I think I want to stick with residential or move on and continue with my path in refrigeration? What do you guys think about this for someone just getting starting out? I'm a tall guy and feel like crawling under houses and up in attics is going to get old quick. Thanks for any insight. Again I am new to all of this and willing to put in the work regardless the situation, just want some insight from some other people in the field other than my instructors.