I have heard alot of negative things on here about craigslist adds for air conditioning work. I will agree that 75% of them are probably unlicensed hacks that don't know what they are doing. But not everyone can be included in that category. I have an add on Craigslist and it helps me make extra money for my family. I work a full time job with a lot of overtime but I still do things on the side. It doesn't mean I'm a hack or I don't have a clue what I'm doing because I have an add on craigslist. I have a Master Mechanical license, a business license, and i am properly insured and I always get the proper permits and inspections, and anyone who knows me will tell you I only do quality work. I am 37 years old and I don't want to work for someone forever. Eventually I would like to go out on my own. But until I get enough customers to guarantee I won't starve to death, I have to keep my full time job. Craigslist is free advertising, that's how I look at it and that's why I am on there even though I get most work by referral and word of mouth. All I'm saying is try not to label someone as a hack just because of how they choose to advertise, because not all people fall into the same category.