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Thanks everyone, it worked. In fact, there wasn't even a timezone.jar in the JACE. It is at last trying to boot now.

Unfortunately, more error messages followed, sorry to dump them all here. Does it look like JACE is lacking some files or do I need to acquire extra license to make it work?
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ERROR [02:06:27 23-Apr-13 EST][platform] Unable to create archive RAM disk
ERROR [02:06:27 23-Apr-13 EST][alarm] Cannot open alarm database.
java.io.IOException: Cannot create: /alarm/alarm.adb
ERROR [02:06:28 23-Apr-13 EST][service] Unlicensed: /Services/WebService
javax.baja.license.FeatureNotLicensedException: tridium:web
ERROR [02:06:40 23-Apr-13 EST][sys.service] Service start failed: History Service
WARNING [02:06:43 23-Apr-13 EST][web] HTTP and HTTPS are both disabled.
ERROR [02:06:43 23-Apr-13 EST][sys.engine] Failed stationStarted: Web Service
App Failed
It appears the the web feature is unlicensed, which means you won't be able serve up graphics to a web browser.
Beyond that, the JACE is having a problem initializing the RAM disk, which is where your histories are stored - even if you don't have any histories in your station, by default the log and audit histories go there.
I would try doing a cleandist, and then re-running the commissioning wizard.
For details about the clean dist files and their usage please see docPlatform in 3.3.22 or 3.2.22 or newer releases.