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    Smile Career Choses PLEASE HELP!

    Hello All!

    Just a little History on me, Im newer to the trade (3 years residental tech out of trade school) and I've feel like residental is not for me. Im realing good at selling and repairing so im not bad off in residental but I dont feel like im being challeged enough any more, every call is the same..dealing with homeowners, dispatchers, shoe covers, 3am calls because someones coil is frozen from not maintaing there unit..and so on....anyways I put a few apps out but during the slow season but no luck. so my buddy got me a job with a residental company that is comission based pay, so I was thinking if im going to be in residental I guess I should get paid well for it. and the money is great, I have to work 3 weekend days a month and the boss is a ass but the money is good. Well I just got a call from one of the companies I'd applied to. (figures right after I'd taken this job) Its a Commerical company, they work on light commerical up to chillers, and have been around for 35 years. He is willing to train me and have me ride with a senior tech for a few months to learn the ropes, and send me to chiller school. hours are great mon thu fri 7:30-4 no weekends and on call one week every 3 months with better vacation time, He has 15 techs and 9 have been with the company more than 15 years. The service manager seams like a very nice guy, but of course im "green" when it comes to commerical work so the pay is not like this company im with. But im sure pay will come with knowlage.

    What Should I do? Should I take the pay cut and go, to learn? This seams like a very good opportunity to advance my career and get into commerical work. I'm not one to hop job to job, and I know I just started this new job a month, but should I just leave and wirte it off? and if I do should I tell this new manager about it or not bring it up?

    Thanks in advance for your advise

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    My thought is that you need to enjoy what you do or the frustration will build. I am not sure of your family life not age, but if you can get by with less money now is the time to build your future.

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    thanks for the input, I've been thinking the same thing. I think im going to go with the commerical company. so much more to learn

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