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    Commercial Kitchen Extraction System installation advice

    Hello all,

    I'm new on here and about to start installing my first...and hopefully only extraction system for my new commercial kitchen. I think I'm going to need a bit of help and advice if possible as I can't afford to pay someone to install the equipment. If this is the wrong forum for this then please remove and I understand.

    I yesterday had my equipment delivered and I'm now at the head scratching stage, before long I won't have a head to scratch!

    Basically, this is what I have had delivered and need to install

    2000mm canopy
    1 x IL spigot
    1 x Spiral Duct x 3000mm
    1 x Inline cased Axial Fan
    1 x Pair Motor Flanges
    1 x Speed Controller 6amp
    1 x Top Cowl
    1 x Pair Split Ring Bracket

    Right...where do I start! The ducting is to be installed vertically and coming straight out the top of the canopy, through a pitched roof.

    I understand I need to install the fan in the ducting with the motor flanges. Once the flanges are installed on each end of the fan I'm guessing I need to either rivet or use self drilling screws to connect this to the ducting. I'm assuming I will also need to use silicon sealant on these fittings too.

    As the ducting will be coming out of the pitched roof what would be the best way to acheive this? I'm thinking of going direct from the canopy and through the roof and ensuring the appropriate flashing and waterproofing is catered for by a roofer where the tiles have been removed. Is there alternative way that this can be done?

    I hope someone can help and point me in the right direction of where to start!!


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    But you're going to use a "professional" roofer???????

    Not a diy site!

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    Moderator: Please delete thread if not suitable forum but posted in here as forum title didn't specify NO DIY as per other forum subjects.

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    May I suggest starting at the beginning. If you start in the middle or the end you will finish the installation quicker but will most likely have extra parts
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