I have been tempted to get digital gauges - Testo's I lean towards
But I wonder how much a difference it could make
I'd say my sense of touch & hearing play a large roll (well sight to as a giving - iot helped once on a co ray vac they did not sell you the vac)
To say a percentage 50-75%
I looked at a reach in the other day prefilter plugged manager thought that was the problem
Changed it out and told him I do not think so - I with a leatherman and flashligt think it is low on refrigerant or cap tube (no problems for a year that worked there)
Was asked to check it tomorrow will see
But really what difference would digital guages make - my analogs are off all the time and things work good

I'd say for someone new to the field ban digital gauges

Now as business owner competing with others will it hurt if my customers do not see digital guages

Lastly after Cato windows 8 must be destroyed