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    Helping a Brother

    Foung this on Dan Holohan's web site, thought i would pass it on.

    Boston Tragedy Hits Closer To Home
    Saw this on Facebook this morning -- a young fellow named Jeff Bauman was badly injured in Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon. Jeff wound up losing both of his legs.

    Jeff's brother Tim works for Eric C. Foster Plumbing and Heating in Chelmsford, MA so in my book, that makes Jeff one of the "family." I"ve known Eric for a lot of years and he runs an outstanding business.

    They've started a fundraising website to help defray what is sure to be a mountain of medical bills coming the family's way. Please keep Jeff in your thoughts, and if you can, help the family out.

    Here's the link to the fundraising website:
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    I'm sure the site you have recommended is legit, there are however no less than 6 different sites when you google it. I certainly hope none of them are scams.

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