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Thread: Which brand?

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    Which brand?

    I am in the process of buying a new ptac unit and I can't decide which brand to get. Right now I am trying to decide over

    1. Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner PTAC PTH123G35AXXX DigiSmart Heat Pump 12,000BTU 230V 3.5KW 20AMP R410A


    2.Friedrich Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner PTAC PDE09K3S Cool/Electric Heat, 9000BTU, 230V 3KW 20A

    Any suggestions?

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    I like the Amanda PTAC units the best. Just my opinion.

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    I hate Amanas. Every time I stay in a motel room with one, it is noisy, noisy, noisy. New ones as bad as ever. Couple hears ago stayed in new joint with new dual motor model. Whole chassis rattled when comp and outdoor fan came on. Last trip had one a few years old, so noisy I shut if off once it cooled the room. Next motel had a GE, so much better. The 6100 GE is the only one I know of that runs compressor and strips at the same time in heating for added efficiency. Quietest PTAC I've heard in years. LG 2nd. Stayed in a joint with a new Gree, noisy as an Amana. Haven't heard a new Friedrich lately.

    GE has their own service fleet so you aren't stuck with dealers who hate working on glorified window shakers. Besides sound level, the reason we sell GE only.

    Why 12K in 1 and 9K in the other?

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