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    Honeywell Subbase question

    I had original equipment multistage thermostat subbase model
    Q674b 1034 (8948)
    and need to replace this item.

    I have found many replacements but the number in the parentheses is always different. The model I am considering is (9929)- the heat off cool and auto on switches are the same.

    My question is :

    what is the significance of the 4 digit number in parentheses after the Q674B 1034?

    Thank you kindly,

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    Best way to find out is to contact the Honeywell web site itself. You are dealing with old, old technology and will probably find it easier to convert to a newer digital thermostat in the short run.

    The switches and contact points in those sub-bases are famous for giving out.
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    "what is the significance of the 4 digit number in parentheses after the Q674B 1034?"

    looks like manufactured date. first two numbers are year. second two are week.
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    date code

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    Thank you so very much gentlemen for the information (and advice). I wanted to go the programmable digital route in 2004 but the buildings owner (my dad), far from being a luddite, does not deal with technology so well. He can easily operate the "old school" thermostat but one with a digital display, touch screen, or buttons that require multiple presses or have multiple functions confuse him. Replacing the subbase is well within my skill set, so I might do it a second time.

    That said, we had issues with the second unit not kicking up the heat when we needed it this past winter and I really don't want to swelter this summer so it may be time to get the "pros" in to give the system a good cleaning and tune up with a new thermostat to boot!

    Thank you again,

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    Quote Originally Posted by chillerout1 View Post
    date code

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