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    Traulsen? Excellent units. Heavy duty refrigeration, TXV's, easy to service, heavy duty door hardware. Condensing unit and evaporator on top. IntelaTraul controller is reliable and been around forever. Good airflow through the box.

    True? True has a good simple design and nice oversized refrigeration. For this reason, I support them. Cabinets are pretty thin. Door handles tend to break off after a while. Evaporator coils are difficult to access on almost every model, and their thermostats always tend to stick and freeze the food. They only use cap tubes, FWIW.

    Delfield is a decent unit. They've been around for a long time and seems pretty reliable to me. Newer stuff all uses the Danfoss electronic controllers, which are a little fragile but overall work great.

    Beverage air? Seen too many of their evaporator coils leak within 1-2 years. What a joke. They don't even braze shut their pinched off process tubes. It seems they always undersize their condensing units. Not recommended.

    Continental? Like Randell, they usually use the small Tecumseh condensing units, which often means undersized condensing units, with a 6 watt square condenser fan motor mounted only to the plastic grill of the condenser. Thus a simple fan motor failure often means a week of downtime while you order a fan motor / grill / blade assembly, instead of an easy to change 9w fan motor like EVERYBODY else uses. That's my only gripe about them. One thing I do like about Continental is I've seen many with multiple evaporator fans, and they usually have good airflow.

    SilverKing is not so common but I think they make a great unit. The undercounters have baffles to direct airflow from the front through the condenser and back out the front of the unit, so they actually work even when boxed in a little cubby hole (unlike most of the other brands). UPDATE: Just looked at their website, and looks like now their upright reach-ins are just rebranded TurboAirs...

    All of the TurboAir (and TurboAir lookalikes branded under different names,) suck. Besides the fact that they suck and are unreliable, their tech support is a joke, parts are hard to get, etc., etc.

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    Thanks so much for all the input so far.

    I have found a pair (RI fridge and freezer) of new Hoshizaki single door 23.3 cu ft models, $4300 for both.

    A couple of you have recommended Hoshizaki.

    Anyone have any repair history or opinions on Hoshizaki units?

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    I have sold about a dozen Hoshi reach-ins in the past three years, and have had zero problems. Some of the parts are proprietary, but they stock parts at their distribution centers, placed around the country. So usually next day by UPS.

    Plug in your zip code in the following link to see where the nearest center to you is.
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    Thanks- you've got me looking up Hoshi prep tables for a high volume customer now. Their 4 year old Delfields are just falling apart. The door hinges are simply fastened to the thin stainless facing with sheet metal screws! (Cracked liners, leaking evaps, too) Maybe I'll take a trip down to Peachtree City Georgia and take a look at these boxes, as I've not seen any around here yet.

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