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no, i got pi$$ed with the nra when they backed harry reidless....
i guess I'm over it now and will reenlist..
Lots of ways to be involved... NRA is only one of them.

IMO the goal is to send a message LOUD and CLEAR to polecats: There are LOTS of Americans who believe in the 2nd amendment (and IMO the larger the number the polecats think is out there... the better)... The polecats need to understand to think twice before supporting gun legislation. MeThinks the way to send that message is for gun rallies to happen regularly, and there needs to be tens of thousands of folks at every one (each of us who takes the time to show up, well that just builds the numbers)... big enough the media covers them regularly. Polecats pay attention to what crowds think... we need to let them know there are BIG crowds who like their guns and will not tolerate ANY threat to their freedoms and rights.